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Did you know, you do not need solicitor to divorce in Ireland? Costs for a divorce can vary from 3,000 euros upwards (and that is being optimistic). We are dedicated in helping to guide you through the process, in a way that is affordable and accessible, with our prices starting from 2000 euros. We help our clients in 3 easy steps below. We do not supply legal advice or representation. 

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1. Relevant Documents

You email us your documents; and we prepare the documents needed for you to file for your divorce.

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2. Documents are submitted to the relevant court office.

You submit your documents into the court office, and await to be given a date for your divorce. 

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3. The date of your divorce.

The judge makes the decree. You are finally divorced!

to be eligible for a consent divorce,
the applicant must:

1. Have been separated from their spouse for at least two years.


2. There must not be any disputes.


3. One of the spouses must be currently residing in Ireland. 

4. There is no chance of reconciliation.

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